"Great debut novel. . . If it's fast-paced novels you're interested in or horse-racing, this book will be a 'read in one sitting'"
South Wales Argus




Latest news: My second novel THE RULE OF LAZARI is out and available to buy.

My debut novel The Hyperion Legacy is now available to purchase. Please go to the Hyperion Legacy link at the top of this page for more details.


A pulsating and innovative plot sees Danny hunted down and forced to witness the cold-blooded execution of a loved one. Fired on by that harrowing experience he goes all out to exact his revenge and get justice.

Packed with stunning race scenes at Britain’s premier racetracks, the tension never lets up right down to the wire as Danny goes after the real killers to reveal the shocking truth behind an inherited secret. Against all odds, Danny makes a return to the saddle in the Epsom Derby, not just to fulfil a lifelong dream but to expose the evil forces at work and save the ‘Sport of Kings’ from ruin.

Latest news: my debut novel The Hyperion Legacy is available to purchase. Please click on the Hyperion Legacy link at the top of this page.


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